Boston Jewelry Designer

My designs originated during my senior year at RISD for my thesis project. I began first by deciding to use one shape and see how many different variations I could make. I chose to use a circle as my basic shape and thought that through manipulation and mixing metals I would be able to achieve a distinguished look and feel. I was inspired to mix metals by the Victorian Era and their use of brass, iron and even steel to create jewelry. My idea was to apply the same technique by using any combination of gold, silver, brass, copper, nickel, bronze and even zinc washers to create refreshing and remarkable designs. As a way to push my imagination even further I completed a study with different sized metal link combinations by building models and taking photos of them document compositions. Through this process I gained a better understanding of what arrangements would work best.

After graduation, I started working as a costume jewelry designer for various prestigious companies in New England. I learned invaluable skills about trend, fashion, color and presentation throughout these years. My professional skills go beyond the diploma and are enriched through experience. My costume jewelry experience has allowed me to learn jewelry techniques beyond the typical silversmith’s knowledge.

My jewelry line began by continuing to use circles and mixing metals because of all the excited and positive feedback that I was receiving for my jewelry designs. By pushing my original designs even further, I created more wearable and affordable jewelry. My jewelry continues to grow by building and or combining ideas from my existing work and continually exceeding the limits. The exploration of endless possibilities keeps me inspired and motivated.

Just more than four years ago I opened a jewelry gallery and teaching studio in Belmont, MA, Karenna Maraj Jewelry Collection. The gallery features many talented local artists that hand make unique and exceptional jewelry. Many artists are up and comers and you will not be able to find their work any where else. Also in the gallery I offer repairs, wedding & bridal jewelry and custom design. I can work with any budget and make designs with either fashion or fine jewelry. The jewelry classes range from beading class to advanced metalsmithing. I have a great selection of beads and also plenty of metal working tools.